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trading partners

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Commercial partner Northern Greece

Alpha Renovation Company

Address : 8 Thessaloniki 8 Nea Moudiana Halkidiki
Phone: 2821091670
E-mail: [email protected]

Cyprus Commercial Partner

Bulma Homes Construction

Address : April 1, 60 Mosfiloti 7647, Larnaca
Telephone 2821091670
Email : [email protected]

Nafplio Branch

Mr Prokat Nafplio

Address : 14 Argos Street, Nafplio
Telephone 2752047157
Email : [email protected]


With over 20 years of expertise in prefabricated houses in Crete, our company offers exceptional architectural design services and construction quality, backed by proven certifications. We specialize in the design and construction of houses, hotels, commercial properties and renovations, tailoring each project to your unique preferences. Our services include both conventional and prefabricated construction, all fully licensed by the Greek National Tourism Organization. We provide certificates and guarantees for all materials used, ensuring the highest standards in every aspect of your project.